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I'm Ali, founder of Bonks.

Since the dawn of peoplekind, we’ve dealt with undie blunders: A sweeze, shart, swass, or the all too familiar breakthrough bleed. Forget to pack them? That will certainly put your panties in a wad.

As a woman and mother of 2, I’ve had it all. But I truly HAD IT a few years back when I was on a trip to Latin America with my mom and our luggage was lost. Upon my realization that we couldn't buy undies in the remote town, my mom pulls out a crumpled up thong in a ziplock out of her purse proclaiming that she always keeps a freshy on-hand. LIGHTBULB MOMENT! 💡

As a career apparel designer, I created Bonks as a failproof way to ensure that you're literally always covered. Whether it be an accident, lost luggage, a long day or a late night, Bonks has your back... and your front.