Spare Undies

5 Reasons to Pack Spare Undies

We get it - the thought of carrying around undies in your handbag every single day sounds a little wild. We’re not talking about packing extra undies for a long trip - we mean for your everyday life. Bonks’ classic black thong is a NO BRAINER. It’s pre-washed and compact so you can carry it wherever and whenever.

But what if we told you it’s a handbag essential? Here are 5 scenarios you might find yourself in that will leave you saying, “If only I had packed my clean black thong!” We’ll also help you find quality thongs for women of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

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#1 An Oopsie 

You’re in the office and during your quarterly presentation, your allergy meds wear off and you let out a big, chesty sneeze. You feel the tickle of the trickle creep down your pantsuit. Postpartum incontinence has come to claim you once again.

Yes, it happens to us all. That unexpected oopsie moment. Maybe your morning coffee runs through you or you get an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo and you find yourself desperately wishing you had an emergency black thong tucked away in your desk drawer. Because, let's face it, no one wants to spend the rest of the day feeling a bit damp in the clamp.

#2 Forecast Fails

Imagine this: It’s a picture-perfect Saturday and you and your friend go for a hot girl walk to your brunch reservation. Out of the blue, the clouds roll in and you get caught in a torrential rainstorm. You run for cover but get soaked in the action.

You dry off with some napkins but down south, there's a different storm brewing. Now you’re stuck sitting through your frittata with a soggy pair of panties and the realization that spare undies would have been a game-changer. Next time you’ll make sure you prevent the thunder down under!

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#3 Gym Bag Mishaps

You’ve just finished your hot yoga sesh at the gym and hit the showers before you head straight to the office. But as you change into your work clothes, you notice something horrifying – you forgot to pack a fresh pair of undies. What a dumbbell!

Do you flip them inside-out? Do you rinse them out? Or do you go without? The options are grim. There’s nothing namaste about sweaty undies and the rest of your day. Extra undies would have been a lifesaver in this sticky situation.

#4 Long Days

Your morning commute isn’t always a sinch. Your day running after your toddlers isn’t always a breeze. Your workday-to-networking-event-to-happy-hour isn’t always seamless. And it can often leave you feeling less than rosy. Sometimes you just need a freshy to spruce up your day.

Whether you're stuck in traffic or changing diapers in a park or letting loose after a long day, having a clean set of comfortable undies on-hand helps your confidence, flora and makes you feel fresh as a daisy.

#5 Late Nights

Unplanned sleepovers: No need to be bashful, we’ve been there. You go out for a night on the town and run into that guy. One thing leads to another and you wind up over at his pad Postmating ice cream and “watching” Planet Earth docs.

You oversleep the following morning and need to head straight to class. Lucky for you, you wore a chill outfit the night before. Not chill?... your old undies. A spare pair would have turned your walk of shame into a stride of pride.

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Let’s Get Real

Finding quality, travel-friendly undies can be challenging. But when you find the one, rinse, wash and repeat! 

Life happens. With a spare set of comfortable underwear, like the Bonks classic thong in black, you’ll have one less thing to think about. It’s the go-to choice for the on-the-go gal.


Picture this: It’s a typical Saturday running errands in the hot, humid summer. You get a text from a friend asking if you’d like to meet for lunch at a posh new spot across town. Perfect! Except for your panties. Because down south there’s a storm brewing.

Now you're stuck driving across town with a soggy, swassy bottom half and the realization that spare undies would have been a game-changer. Prevent the thunder down under!

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