Talk Dirty To Me

Bonks are NOT disposable. Bonks are completely reusable, washable and mega durable. If an accident happens, pop your dirty duds in the resealable pouch for safekeeping. After you wash your Bonks (and the potentially soiled pouch), put your clean Bonks back in the clean pouch and back in your purse/locker/car/desk/gym bag/backpack/bindle for future use.

Bonks are COMPLETELY reusable! So reusable, in fact, that our customer feedback reports majority of our customers end up putting Bonks into their normal rotation, even throwing out those other brands and replacing them with Bonks altogether. You can enjoy our undies over and over and over again, thanks to our fabric's tensile strength, washability and stretch recovery. In addition to daily use, we highly encourage you to rewear, rewash and repurpose your Bonks how they were intended to exist: clean, in their resealable pouch, and with you at all times.

Bonks are similar to normal underwear in that they are re-wearable. But they are UNLIKE normal underwear because of how you use them and why you wear them. Whether it be a long day, an accident or an emergency, Bonks are intended to be on your person or in a convenient place in case you need a freshy.

Furthermore, we go over and above what generic and flashy DTC brands produce. Our undies have been tested to be highly durable with incredible tenacity and stretch recovery. And our adhesive cotton lining will keep you fresh as a daisy with no chafing or uncomfortable seamlines.

Here's the dirty truth: OB's agree that soiled, sweaty and second-day underwear may result in bacterial changes to your body, affecting your flora. Some bacteria can specifically lead to vaginosis, UTI's or yeast infections. If you have an active lifestyle or a history of vaginal irritation, it is recommended that you change your underwear twice a day.

We know that being armed with a fresh pair isn't always going to happen. So we make that burden super duper easy breezy. Change your underwear, with Bonks.


We get this question a lot. Bonks are designed to fit an array of body types, from size small to large, thanks to our incredible stretch recovery and minimal construction. Our fabric even allows us to grow and retract with you through events like weight fluctuations and pregnancy. Offering combined sizing also allows for less manufacturing waste and excess inventory. Finally, when buying Bonks at retail, you the customer has greater speed of purchase at checkout: no searching for your size. Just grab and go. 

Indeed! And we apologize that our undies didn't work out for you. In future productions, we intend to offer additional combined sizing to fit a wider breadth of customers. 

Returns & Exchanges


  • All unopened Bonks in their original, in-tact packaging are fully refundable within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • We do not accept returns on opened Bonks as our underwear is a sanitary product.
  • We do not accept returns on sale items or gift cards.


  • We do not offer free return shipping at this time.

If you would like to issue a return on your unopened Bonks or are not happy with your product after trying them on, we'd like to know. Email us at "returns@buybonks.com" to get started.


  • Bonks in their original, unopened packaging may be exchanged within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • Opened Bonks are not eligible for exchanges.


  • We will not cover the cost of inbound shipping back to our headquarters. 
  • However, we will gladly take care of the outbound shipping of your exchanged good back to you.

Email us at "returns@buybonks.com" to get started on your exchange.


If your order has not been shipped and fulfilled yet, you can email to see if it's not too late. Shoot us a note ASAP to "returns@buybonks.com", subject heading "I NEED TO CHANGE MY ORDER!". If it has been shipped, no worries, we can work out an exchange once it arrives or, if you wanted to increase your order, we'll send out an additional shipment on the house.

We are so very sorry. We do our best to ensure each pouch is in perfect condition and have a rigorous QC process in place. If your underwear inside the pouch is defective or your pouch not properly sealed, please send photos and a description to "returns @buybonks.com" so we can get started on amending the issue.

We are not liable for damage to product taken place during transit or upon delivery at your address due to weather our extenuating circumstances.